Leon Nine Kirilin: Takes Time Off from Tundra

Leon Nine Kirilin: Takes Time Off from Tundra

In 2023, Leon Nine Kirilin won The International. He then quit Tundra Esports. Nine quits professional Dota at age 25 to get away from the stress and travel of it.

Leon Nine Kirilin: The group recognizes the great run

Nine has left Tundra Esports, which announced it this morning, calling his time there “nothing short of legendary.” At TI12, the defending winners from Western Europe played tough opponents.

Leon Nine Kirilin: At TI12, there is no easy way out.

Even though they went 8-0 in the group stage, Tundra Esports lost the placement match and had to play Entity in the lower bracket. Following a 2-0 loss in their title defense, they fell to the bottom of the table.

Since Nine left, Tundra Esports is short-staffed.

Since Nine left, Tundra Esports’ Dota 2 team is once again missing a player. The current team is made up of:

  • Lepko, John “skiter” S
  • This is Tobias “Topson” Taavitsainen.
  • Sherif, Neta “33”
  • It’s Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu
  • The teacher is Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling.

Going from Midlaner to Support

In TI11, Nine won as Tundra’s midlaner, but in TI12, he switched roles and won as helper. Martin “Saksa” Sazdov needed a long break for his health, so this change was made.

Leon Nine Kirilin: Notice of Personal Break

Nine posted on social media about his break from Dota. Nine said that the last two years have been “the most stressful” of his life. He needed to take it easy and live his own life. He told his friends that he would come back when he was ready.

A Possible Return

Nine said, “If that’s what I want, I will come back eventually when I feel ready.” Fans are looking forward to Nine coming back to Dota 2.

Help is needed for Tundra Esports.

Since two important players left, the TI11 winners are looking for new help in position four. The team wants to finish making its squad before ESL One Kuala Lumpur in December.

How to Deal with Changes in Dota 2

Professional Dota players need to be ready for changes. If Nine goes, Tundra Esports will look for someone to take his place. Fans can’t wait to see the new Tundra team, even though they have been reorganized.

Leon Nine Kirilin: One chapter ends and a new one starts.

Nine’s exit marks the end of an era for Tundra Esports and the start of a new one. As the team looks for new players, fans all over the world are looking forward to the season.

As long as that lasts…

Even though Nine is leaving the professional scene, fans and players will still follow Tundra Esports. Even though the break is only brief, Tundra’s Dota 2 trip is still exciting because Nine could come back.

As we say goodbye, let’s look forward to the year ahead.

Finally, Nine’s loss in professional Dota 2 may be the end of the story, but the chance that he will come back makes things exciting. Fans of Dota 2 can’t wait for Nine to come back and show off his skills. Tundra Esports is working hard to win SLOT GAMPANG MENANG games.