Aces Like Ace-Three: A Quick Guide for Cash Games

Aces Like Ace-Three: A Quick Guide for Cash Games

How you play matched Aces like Ace-Three can make a big difference in your game, no matter how good you are at poker or how new you are to it. Let’s keep things simple and easy to understand as we talk about how to play Ace-Three suited in cash games.

Aces Like Ace-Three: Playing Ace-Three Suited Before the Flop

  • Not yet opened pots: Ace-Three suited is better than you think. For those who haven’t already, go ahead and raise when no one else has. From anywhere, it’s a good move.
  • Against a Raise: Be smart when you’re getting a raise. You can fold if you’re in the middle or small blind. You can play smart on the button, but be careful. Also, don’t be afraid to protect with Ace-Three suited if you are in the big blind. This can be a strong hand.
  • Against a 3-Bet: If you get a 3-bet, you should think twice. If you got up early, folding might be the best thing to do. If you’re later in the hand, though, calling could be a good idea, especially if your opponent isn’t too tight.
  • Against a 4-Bet: This won’t happen very often, but if it does, fold. The Ace-Three suit isn’t strong enough, and you could be beaten.
  • Multiway Preflop Situations: Ace-Three suited is great in pots with more than one way to win. There are times when you can join in, even though I told you earlier to fold. That’s one of the best hands for it.

Aces Like Ace-Three: Tips on How to Play Ace-Three Suited After the Flop

  • Tip #1: Check Back on Ace-High Flops: If you raised before the flop and it comes up an Ace, you might want to check. You might not want to bet even though you have a good hand. Have someone else make the first move and save it for later streets.
  • Two more tips: play your monsters quickly: Don’t be shy about piling on the chips when you have a great hand like trips or two pairs. Make sure to bet or raise whether you called or raised. When you don’t bet with these good hands, you leave money on the table.
  • Tip #3: Make a call with two people: If you’re in the big blind and you have a small pair, like bottom pair, don’t be afraid to call at least one bet. It might be a good idea and bring in more money in the long run.

Last Thoughts

Now that you’ve read these tips, you know how to beat most poker players. It only took a short time to understand these ideas. What you waiting? Try it on VTBET because practice makes perfect. If you always follow these tips when you play Ace-Three matched (A3s), your winnings will increase. Hope you do well at the tables!