"Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. W. C. Fields "

An orator without judgment is a horse without a bridle. Theophrastus

What we do

Horse Sense for People has developed unique accelerated learning programs in areas of  Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

Our programs provide a dynamic process of building authentic leadership, self-awareness and behavior skills through horse-human interactions.

The ability of managers, leaders and ‘floor staff’ to effectively embody these vital skills impacts an organization’s bottom line, since successful team building, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution efforts are crucial in today’s business world.

While interacting with horses, individuals are able to identify and shift their limiting behavior patterns.  Patterns that stop them from developing trusting relationships in business settings.  Horses provide the ultimate short cut for those who are serious about finding solutions to the challenges they face in this complex fast paced, technological society in which we now live.

Our Commitment to each session:

We ensure that each participant understands the essence of their interactions with the horses, and how to immediately apply their learning into the business environment.

We take our work seriously and our horses are trained and valued teachers.  Participants will feel stretched into new perspectives and practice new ways of interacting and building trust with others.

Our facilitators ensure each participant is supported and feels safe to explore themselves in the presence of their horse coach.  It is not uncommon for many to have some trepidation or anxiety around horses, however once participants allow the whole experience to naturally unfold, it becomes a powerful metaphor for stretching one’s leadership capabilities.

Why Horses?

Horses are wise mentors in this unique type of work, as horses never lie or have hidden agendas. Instead horses respond to what they see and feel in the moment.  As prey animals, their flight instincts become instant mirrors and non-judgmental feedback mechanisms for humans. Horses sense and respond to a person’s intentions, emotions and thoughts that are conveyed subconsciously through body language. Through the experience of observing a horse’s response to their requests and directions, each person learns how to communicate more effectively, face their fears and manage their emotions, and become more consistent and congruent with their actions.

Through one-on-one interaction with individual horses, attendees also learn new relationship building skills. A tremendous confidence boost comes from learning how to connect with and direct a 500kg animal without a word spoken.

Sessions with horses are highly interactive and provide an ‘in the moment’ learning experience, giving participants skills which can be difficult to acquire in more traditional settings.

Through participation in Horse Sense for People programs, individuals will learn to:

  • Make choices and take actions based on courage and awareness verses automatic, ‘learned’ responses.
  • Build trust in relationships and teams.
  • Develop skills to work through uncomfortable, emotionally charged situations.
  • Move from conflict into resolution and agreement more quickly.
  • Face fears and learn new behaviors to gain personal power and respect.
  • Experience breakthroughs that increase the depth of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Expand cohesiveness and productivity within teams and partnerships.


Who We Are

Louise Kropach, Director of Horse Sense for People brings many years experience as a coach, workshop innovator, horse trainer and rider to her authentic leadership work with horses.  Louise travels Australia facilitating programs on emotional awareness and personal and professional development, training others in this field as well as teaching natural horsemanship.

Louise is passionate about her experiential accelerated learning programs for teaching people leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, relationship, emotional and mental fitness skills.  Guiding participants in her dynamic, intuitive style to safely explore new pathways to success in life and business.

Horse Sense for People offers training programs and private sessions in:

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – One and Two day trainings developing assertiveness, a leadership presence, mental and emotional fitness, non verbal communication, creative innovation and the task vs relationship dynamic.

Personal Development – One to Four day trainings in self leadership skills,  intuition, relationship, non verbal communication,  energy awareness, the art of listening.


Natural Horsemanship – Beginner to advanced natural horse training and riding instruction.

Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Training – Advanced training in becoming a Horse Sense for People accredited Equine Professional for Equine Facilitated Learning and Personal Development programs.

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