Website Ownership Transfer Agreement

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This agreement is very straight and simple. It is intended to be used if only the domain name itself is transferred. This agreement has also transferred the seller and buyer, and does not use a third-party trust. This agreement is very linear and simple and virtually identical to the aforementioned agreement. The difference between this agreement and the previous agreement is that this contract leads the seller to transfer both the domain name and the content of the site. First, it is important to understand what an “offer” is versus a contractual transaction. Sellers who publish their offers on sites like Flippa are a great example of an offer. In the case of a flippa offer, the seller describes what he has to sell, if he is available in reserve. In addition, they include a price to buy the item immediately without having to compete with other offers. A domain transfer contract is a contract that documents the terms of a transfer of ownership from one domain name to another.

Read 3 min Here are several free domain name sales contracts to use for you. You may need to adapt them to your individual circumstances, but these are good models that you need to follow. Термины, написанные с прописной буквы, но не определенные в настоящем документе, имеют значения, установленные в Универсальных условиях пользования. В случае противоречий между положениями настоящего Соглашения и положениями Универсальных условий пользования преимущественную силу имеют положения настоящего Соглашения. As a buyer, it is important that you have a good understanding of the offer and ask all the questions you have from the seller before making an offer. In the event that you decide to make an offer or buy the offer at the “buy now” price and ask your due diligence in the form of questions and have done extensive research on the offer, you have already accepted the seller`s offer. This can be dangerous for you if it turns out that the list is different from what you expected, and this surprise could have been avoided by reading the list in depth and asking the seller all the questions that came to mind before doing anything. .