Training horses using herd dynamics

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In training horses it is important to understand how horses think in order to relate to them.


This fabulous picture of 3 of my horses reminds me of how we need to relate to the horses and people in our lives.


Horse Sense for People - Hanging out in the Herd


The picture immediately brings to mind how easily horses relate to each other.  Hanging out under the shade of some trees you can feel their sense of togetherness –




All the while completely and unconditionally accepting themselves.


Each of my horses know that they belong in this group.  They as a group naturally embrace and nurture sustainable loving relationships with each other.  I have watched them in their little herd for years.  Their care and regard of each other is a delight to witness and has given me much food for thought in how to enrich my own life.


This care and regard shines through into the training of my horses. The results are not in what we can do so much, but in the simple joy of the interaction.


I love how they feel so at peace with each other, how they give each other space or take time for themselves when they need to.  No one else in the group feels offended, upset, angry when one of them wanders off for some quiet time alone.  They are just there to welcome them back from their quiet break.  Imagine how you could apply this idea to your horse training!


The learning for me from this equine perspective has given me the courage to not take it personally when my horse says ‘no’ or is not responding or even the slightest bit interested in what I am trying to do with them.  Beating myself up only creates negativity and a huge energy drain.  There is no where to go from that!


Relate to horses from an equine perspective and experience the joy of becoming one of the herd.