Raving Fans 🙂

“Since returning from the training things have been going really well, even other managers have commented on the change in my manner without knowing I’d done the course.

And my confidence has grown immensely, especially in my dealings with senior management.

This was truly the most rewarding training I’ve ever done and I thank you so much that.

Would love to return sometime to visit you & the horses and refresh my skills.

I hope you & your husband had a nice Christmas!”

Thanks again,

Nigel Arthur, Sydney



I entered with no expectation, a fear of a creature I had appreciated from afar and a long time cemented belief of who I am as a leader.
I left truly in awe of the lessons I learnt, the opportunities presented and an open heart that I hope to share as I continue my leadership journey.
Thank you Bravo, Fi, (for being so gentle) and Louise for challenging my beliefs.  Who would have thought I could learn so much with not one word spoken! (My biggest lesson!)”

 Justine      Brisbane, Australia


“Thank you Louise for your assistance on the path of self discovery, you are brilliant! Radiance and Love to you!”

Elijah, Hawaii
“Louise, her sweet amazing horses and this work is an absolute blessing and one of the most direct and profound doorways into knowing yourself, expanding your consciousness and connecting to the oneness of life I have ever experienced.  With a wide open heart and deeply enriched self on all levels.  I recommend this work to anyone and everyone interested in coming into alignment with their true self and discovering a more connected and empowered and congruent way of being in the world!”
C Richards, Australia


More client testimonials:

“The big surprise was not only is there a change in how I relate to my horse but I feel more balanced in my relationships with friends/family”

“To step outside my boundaries I had set myself….to let go memories of past experiences that were negative……..to balance energy, patience, observation, response, intuition and gratefulness”

“The practical work = play; experiencing how my horse and myself cope with different circumstances and having fun!”

“Sharing of ideas, experience, fears, concerns, joys and of course the play with the horses. Also the assistance I received, was highly beneficial – thanks Louise!”

“Putting the theory into practice. Oh Equus, you challenge the predator disposition!”

“The ability to experience and experiment was awesome!”

“Many Many Thanks – enjoyed the sessions immensely,, still balancing the new void…. PS.. Love the “By Line” Amazing Adventures in Self Awareness using the Horse as Mentor If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room Another that I also love (above)…..and the horses certainly allow much for me, I am grateful. Take Care & Be Well”


“I acheived things I never thought possible.  I thought Louise was excellent and has a great understanding of horses”.

K Pealing, Australia
“Hello Louise, Just a short note to thank you for sharing your special gift with me on my recent visit.  You are quite blessed……I still can’t get over your house and horses!  It was wonderful and quite a conversation piece!”

C Oliver, California