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Great Horsewomen and Men need Great Equipment


If you are serious about your horsemanship and want to get the best results possible the right gear is a necessity.

Investing in great equipment, really is an investment in you and your horse.  Your horses health and well being and also in supporting your skill and communication.

A saddle must be a fit as far as your style of riding i.e., Dressage, western etc.  More importantly is a super fit for your horse and comfy and supportive for you.

Just like your tools, they have to have feel so you can liven the feel up or shut it off in an instant.  This gives the horse clear communication.  Nothing worse than having your horse frustrated because they are having to guess what you want them to do all the time.

This great starter kit is an absolute MUST for every horse owner wanting to work more naturally with horses.  It really does tick all the boxes!!

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