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E-book: Horse Training from the Heart

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Horse training from the heart is a simple yet effective guide to creating a heart centered connection with your horse using natural horsemanship methods.

The book will provide you with a way to start. Providing a deeper understanding of what horses need from us and how we need to be with them. This book will give you some easy ideas on how to increase your skill and awareness with your horse.

By changing your thoughts and actions you will transform your relationship from one of dull and boring to inspiring and filled with joy. Creating a magical connection with horses can be learned, if we are willing to open our hearts and minds to a new way of listening to horses.

Covering communication fundamentals, leadership, body language, horse talk and more, the book will give you a well rounded idea of how to create the change you want with your horse. Natural horsemanship methods are the basic framework for creating a connection with the horse. Ground work interactions provide a safe environment to experiment with new ideas, however it is not the exercise that is of interest. What is of interest and explored in the book at length is what happens to the horse and yourself in the interaction that is of importance.