Stuck Horse, Stuck Human?

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Stuck Horse, Stuck Human?

How to get unstuck – whether horse or human

Today while reflecting on a session with a young four year old horse I was checking out for a client, I had a ‘light bulb’ moment ๐Ÿ™‚

What I discovered through working in recent weeks with some yearlings and now the 4 year old toda,y was how easy whether horse or human it was to become unstuck.

I refer to being stuck to mean – mentally or emotionally blocked by a thought and matching emotion.ย ย  Basically how the physical reflects what is going on in our thoughts and how we feel about them creates a difficulty in moving a body part or even a whole side of the body as in the case of two of the yearlings I have recently worked with.

Please check out my 3 video series that refers to this by clicking this link

Understanding this I then thought about myself and how I become stuck. I find that my body locks up, gets sore or stiff too without having much physical activity. Wow same deal as a horse!!ย  When I am sore or locked up in my body getting some body work done I sometimes become aware in the release of what the thought or emotion was that created it in the first place. Sometimes even though nothing may come as to why it has happened the release is just a powerful and sweet because it is never forced. Gently gently is the key.

When helping a horse I offer them support in moving their body very quietly and deliberately only in the walk. Hoping the brain and body will release the emotions and let the body part relax. By focusing the movements on the stuck body parts for a bit and then changing to the whole body for a time, the whole exercise while intense is still tolerable for the horse. It can be very very emotionally challenging for the horse and you must be very considerate. There is a massive amount of processing from mind to body going on and it is imperative to take it easy with the horse. Little by little things will change.

I found the little things the horse got, I stopped and let them think about it for a bit before continuing. Soon the horse was able to release more and more. Then when the penny started to drop the horse would start to look for the release – yay ๐Ÿ™‚ now things have changed for the better.

This is exactly what I have been doing myself for ages to release stuck bits in my body. I have a low pain threshold and finding a way to move my body and get a release requires intensity for sure. It also requires the movements to be tolerable otherwise I find myself bracing against the movement and possibly making myself worse.

I am thrilled to have made the connection whether horse or human with this, as it is very important in the respect of our capacity to live life to its fullest.

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