Sample Prenuptial Agreement South Carolina

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We found some of Hudson`s facts very important. Initially, the woman was represented by a lawyer who was dismissed by the husband, who was a close friend of the man and who was not charged for his services. Second, the woman stated that she had not read the agreement until she had signed it and that she had doubts about it. Third, the woman signed the contract two weeks before the wedding and she sold her car and resigned. In fact, she testified that she signed the agreement, whether it was fair or not, because it was “compulsive.” Finally, an expert witness who examined the woman stated that she would have been devastated to move away from the marriage when the agreement was submitted to her, and that she was unable to understand the agreement in the short time she spent with her lawyer. In general, there are eight different categories of things that are generally covered by pre-marriage agreements, as described below: pre-marriage agreements may also not require behaviour (or behaviour) if such behaviour constitutes a criminal act. For example, a pre-marriage agreement cannot have a provision that one party would remain silent on the other party`s deliberate misrepresentations in the common tax returns. Despite these facts in favour of the woman (there were also some facts against her), the Supreme Court found that the agreement was not unacceptable and enforceable. It should be noted, however, that the Supreme Court`s opinion came for a reason – marital agreements are not always applicable. If you have a marriage pact, you and your fiancĂ© can decide for yourself the distribution of the property in the event of a divorce. This allows you to circumvent South Carolina`s law governing the division of property between spouses. While there is no statue in South Carolina that specifically dictates what is required for a marriage contract to be valid, we know from case decisions that they should be: pre-voting requirements vary from state to state.

Lawyers for Thomason-Pracht, LLC., encourage anyone considering a marital agreement to understand the requirements of such a document in South Carolina. Pre-marital agreements must determine the equitable division of property between married persons when their marriage ends in separation or divorce. “Property” includes all forms of property and all interests that one may have in Real Estate. This may include pension accounts, pension accounts, staff allocation plans, income from leased property, employment income, stock and income, trust funds, real estate such as part-time work and personal property such as furniture, cars, boats, etc. While I hate designing marital agreements, the tips above might help others design better things. I hate the development of marital agreements because they are considered abusive traps. However, there are clear procedural and substantive issues that may increase the likelihood that a marriage agreement will be applicable. Don`t be offended if your fiancĂ© asks you to sign one.

As explained in this article, there are many reasons for entering into marital agreements. They do not necessarily imply that the marriage will fail. Hire your own lawyer. Marriage contracts are contracts. The details are of the utmost importance. With so much at stake, don`t let yourself be your test case. Put a lawyer with family law experience to design the agreement. A pre-marriage agreement in South Carolina is a contract between two potential spouses that clarifies the division of property, property and debts during marriage and in the event of divorce or death.