Sales Agreement Odoo

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Once the data added for the sales contract is correct, you can back it up. You can now create sales contracts from the purchase module > orders > purchase agreements > create. A sales contract is a form of contract that indicates the terms of sale of the products between the seller and the buyer. It includes the cost of the product and will help with the smooth sale of the product. In principle, sales contracts are not triggered at Odoo, but can be configured with Odoo. There are two types of sales contracts that have been introduced by Odoo, including the tender and the blanket order. Tendering is the type of agreement in which several bid requirements can be generated as multiple bids to different lenders. In order to confirm the practical offer and cancel others. The Blanket order is mainly used in cases where bulk quantities are purchased over a specified period of time.

You can read on this blog1. Call for tenders2. Frame commandIn case of purchase agreement configuration, you can switch to the purchase module > configuration > settings > activate sales contracts and save changes. After registration, sales contracts can be created via the configuration menu > types of purchase contracts. Tender offerIn this type of purchase contract, several bid requirements are generated for different creditors with different prices for the same product. This is the way to choose the best price for a product. It`s like an offer for the public if the offer is confirmed with the best price and all the others can be cancelled. Therefore, if we establish a sales contract for “tendering,” there is no need to add the seller. Let`s create and configure the type of tender sales contract. In the required field, you can add the “contract type” and the “selection type”). The type of selection of the agreement decides whether the remaining supply requirements should be automatically interrupted if one of the requirements of the offer is confirmed. 1.

Select a single quote request (exclusive): If an order is confirmed, the remaining order is cancelled. 2. Choose several quote requests (non-exclusive): It would not cancel the order after the order is confirmed. In this case, several command points are allowed for new offers, the data line and the amount can be set, whether they are filled automatically or manually. Use lines: Products are automatically added to the product line when the offer is created. Do not automatically create post lines: in this case, we must add products manually in the product line. Use the quantities of the agreement: This allows to manually add up the quantity defined in the agreement in the product range of supply quantities: we must introduce each year the quantities in the offer item subject to the offer. Once the data added for the sales contract is correct, you can back it up. You can now create sales contracts from the purchase module > orders > sales contracts > Create.Add sales contract details such as sales agents, contract date, type of contract, etc.