Reflections at the waterhole

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Bravo and Dawn together at the waterhole, yet totally absorbed in themselves.


Bravo,  curious and mesmerised by what he is seeing in the water is engaging with his senses to fully experience what has caught his eye.  He is not only seeing, he is sniffing, listening and feeling, experiencing whatever he has his attention on fully.



Stimulating our senses every day with what we see, touch, feel, taste, smell, love, cook, learn, laugh, talk, kiss or hear is a great way to stay ‘with’ ourselves.  Health and happiness is a life lived by stimulating every sense, every day :).



Looking at this intriguing picture you can feel how through the natural nature of a horse how easily they embody the idea of being with themselves.  See how comfortable they are in their own skin, in their own space.



Look at Dawn (in forefront) – does she feel worried or in any way affected by what Bravo may be thinking about her, or why he isn’t paying attention to her?  I don’t think so.  She is herself beautifully focused on something as well.  Maybe how to lose the rope completely from around her!!  Oops now I am humanising her thoughts :).   Who knows what she could possibly be thinking.  It is none of our business.   It is only important for us to see where she is in the moment.



Being busy focusing on other people’s business – what they are thinking, feeling, saying about you or whatever,  sucks us of our vital energy, focus and is such a time waster.  Whenever I ‘forget’ and get caught up in this human condition of putting others first in my thoughts and feelings, I feel discontent, unhappy, frustrated, powerless, stressed and anxious.



For me staying in my own business I feel not only freer somehow, but also more able to give huge amounts to others because I am not motivated by something I need from them.  I do it simply because I choose to.



Another common pitfall that goes along with being in other peoples business is mistakenly drowning  someone else with what we call caring, love, connection etc.  This way of over functioning is usually based on a fear or insecurity of losing something or someone important to us.  This way of being also dilutes the expression of our senses.  Do you know someone who can suddenly and conveniently go deaf?  The deafness is a common coping mechanism from having their senses flooded.



To express our love, compassion, cook a nice meal or a have a great discussion, the respondent, in order to feel validated, nurtured and satisfied will have received the love, compassion etc from the givers senses and actions without fear or manipulation.  Its like the difference in the taste of a meal made with love than without it?  The vital lesson here is how can we be with others but not merged as one.  In this picture the horses are totally separate in themselves and very content in their thoughts and actions, yet you can see they remain in close connection.



So remember Bravo and Dawn in this picture and use your senses to their fullest,  all the while staying in close connection with others.