Rabobank Written Agreement

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Rabobank`s guilty plea comes less than two months after a former Vice President of Rabobank, George Martin, reached a lawsuit agreement with the United States for his role in supporting and supporting Rabobank to maintain an MRSA program that complies with BSA requirements. Martin admitted his behavior in federal court in San Diego on December 14, 2017. As part of his admission of guilt, Rabobank agreed to cooperate with the ongoing U.S. investigation. The BSA requires financial institutions to implement and maintain a reasonably designed AML compliance program, (i) detect suspicious activity reporting money laundering and other offences, and (ii) ensure and monitor compliance with BSA registration and reporting obligations, including notification of suspicious transactions (by filing “suspicious activity reports” or “SARs”), which indicate a possible violation of the law. In its appeal agreement, Rabobank acknowledged that its BSA/AML programme had failed significantly between 2009 and 2012. Some of these BSA/AML program errors are the result of Rabobank`s policies and procedures, which investigated suspicious transactions in its branches, by account holders or by individuals who made transactions on behalf of their account holders, who had different evidence of involvement in illegal behaviour, were derived from or promoted, excluded and oppressed. “It is the responsibility of homeland security investigations to monitor and investigate activities that exploit global infrastructure, including financial systems,” said Special Representative Shaw. “This complex investigation revealed, and Rabobank admits that Rabobank was aware of the extreme risk it was dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars related to cross-border crime and international money laundering – activities that plague the southwest border. These arguments and the significant recovery send a strong message to financial institutions that this activity is not tolerated.

The Dutch Rabobank has been asked by the national regulatory authority to carry out additional checks on a group of its customers whose lender has declared the accounts to be low risk, CEO Wiebe Draijer said on 15 August. “Today, Rabobank is held responsible for its illegal actions related to the movement of more than US$360 million by the U.S. financial system on behalf of high-risk clients,” said the special agent in Charge Rowe. “In today`s increasingly complex financial market environment, it is essential that global institutions comply with U.S. law and comply with our anti-money laundering rules. The IRS is proud to share its world-renowned financial investigative expertise in this complex financial investigation and others. Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney Adam L. Braverman for the Southern District of California, Special Representative Dave Shaw of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) of the U.S. Immigration Office in San Diego and Special Representative R.

Damon Rowe of the Internal Income Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) announced the announcement. “This is a specific area that we need to address,” Draijer said, while stressing that the fight against money laundering and the prevention of financial crime have been given a higher priority for the bank in general. Street Talk Episode 70 – The liquidity problem of banks could fuel M-A`s activities around the world, about 1,600 Rabobank employees are currently engaged in financial crime prevention projects across the group and more people are expected to be added in the future, Draijer told analysts.