Non Disclosure Agreement Template Indonesia

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The letter of the confidentiality agreement or often abbreviated as an NDA is a kind of letter of agreement that states that an offer or communication on the content of a job (disclosure) should not be made, as stated in the contract letter. In summary, the non-Discolusre agreement contains an agreement that a person is asked not to pass on/tell his personal work to others. Thanks to Mas Firman, very helpful. Oh yes Mas, if for the manufacturer`s project representatives too personal, if we can use the project too? … Success Greetings Mas Firman … INSTALLATION APARTMENT CONSTRUCTION PROJECT IN JAKARTA DOMAIN PT. Global Anugrah Karya, a socially limited limited liability company based in Jakarta, Jalan Merak No. 91, based on this Anik Sulistyowati, SH, notary in Jakarta, in this case represented by Syakir Hasim, DEA, in his capacity as President of the legitimate and therefore legitimate State for and on behalf of PT Anugah Karya, below. Mas Firmasyah, please, permission to use the project. Thank you a real testimonial and good news !!! My name is Mohammad, I just got my loan and it was transferred to my bank account a few days ago, I applied to the Dangote Loan Company by Lady Jane (, I asked Lady Jane on the terms of the loan dangote company and jane said that if I had transferred all the flatness that my loan would be transferred to me without delay And believe me now, because my $11 billion loan with a 2% interest rate for my coal business was just approved and transferred to my account, it`s a dream to come, I promised Lady Jane that I would say the world is true? and I`ll tell the world now, because it`s trueYou don`t have to pay registration fees, royalties, fill in with Dangote Loan Company and you`ll get your loan for more details contact me by email: and contact Dangote Loan Company for your loan now by email Good news, Everyone.My name of Untung Kadu.

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