Mutual Logistics Support Agreement Japan

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The agreement gives India access to Russian facilities in the Arctic, which sees increased global activity due to the opening of new shipping routes and available resources, officials said earlier. India recently announced investments in Russia`s Far East. After signing a basic Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) with the United States, India gained access to encrypted communication systems for transparent communication. In March 2019, the Navy and the U.S. Navy signed a loan agreement and installed two Pacific fleets provided CENTRIXS (Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System) kits at Indian Navy Headquarters. The debate is about installing more systems at different locations and platforms, while officials did not want to give a precise figure. With logistics pacts, these will greatly improve interoperability. The usefulness of the agreements will be visible at the next edition of the trilateral malabar naval exercise, which is due to take place in November, said the first source. As The Hindu has already pointed out, an informal consensus has been reached to invite Australia to participate in The Malabar Exercise, but the formal invitation has not yet been renewed. It is not yet known whether Canberra will be invited to this year`s edition. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements facilitating access to military fuel exchange facilities and reciprocal agreement provisions that facilitate logistical support and strengthen the army`s operational rotation from India. “The agreement provides the framework for closer cooperation between the armed forces of India and Japan on the reciprocal provision of supplies and services,” he said. A well-written article that explains the importance of the INDO-JAPAN alliance against the expansionist CHINA.

In addition to the bliss of this alliance, it also touches on economic reciprocity, which uses bilateral human technological and logistical resources to counter China`s hegemonic behavior. It also has the salutary advantage of The American conviction to wean China while helping with logistics and overall attitude, to counter the threat of CHINA as an greedy empire builder…. Read more Similarly, India is building the port of Sittwe in Myanmar, close to the Chinese port project Kyaukpyu. That is why India is not giving China its way in strengthening maritime influence within the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN). India`s strategy of building close alliances on the basis of mutual trust in China`s “debt trap” diplomacy of developing ports is clearly the tour de force. Two other similar agreements with Russia and the United Kingdom are about to be concluded. The pact with Russia will be prepared for signing at the summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin in mid-October, the head of the Russian Federation`s deputy mission at the Russian Embassy in India Roman Babushkin said at a press conference in Sep.