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As for phantom assignments, I came across the Church Style Guide this week, and I`m a NERD, so I read it, and I thought the most interesting part was the “Quotations Frequently Misattributed” section (p. 76). I was pleased to discover that the quote “No other success can compensate for the failure of the homeland,” often attributed to President McKay, actually comes from J.E. McCulloch. Now, this false imputation will probably irritate me. Love removes masks with which we fear we will not be able to live with them… James Baldwin #ENLIVEN #bebetter #qotd #motivation #quotes pic.twitter.com/fd4cszxLmj Considering all of those mentioned above, it was obvious that Baldwin had not missed any comments. Scroll down to find 10 of Baldwin`s most important quotes that will change your life. Note: This piece has been updated. The quote at the beginning of this piece, which we originally attributed to James Baldwin, actually comes from Robert Jones, Jr., who goes @SonofBaldwin and gave us permission to use his words.

Love does not begin and end as we think. Love is a struggle, love is a war; Love is growing up. James Baldwin #quote SO MANY people quote “Well-behaved women rarely make history” attribute to Eleanor Roosevelt, and it drives me crazy. It was originally said by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, a brilliant historian (who also finds LDS) in a book she wrote about a midwife in colonial Maine. People also kind of co-opted this quote to say, “Woooo, be crazy because you never make the story any other way?”, but in fact, in the original Ulrich context, it simply meant, “Hey, we missed people like this midwife because she`s never done anything crazy, but let`s change that and start researching the role of everyday people.” Idk, man, but did you know that the first person who gave Abraham Lincoln the quote “Don`t believe everything you read on the Internet” was actually Martin Luther King Jr.? James Baldwin`s size has never been underestimated, and his relevance in 2020 is probably greater than ever, when the country is facing problems it documented decades ago. Through this documentation, in the form of his literary gifts to the world, with speeches and interviews, Baldwin`s brilliance was immortalized with the wise wisdom that gave way to a series of quotations attributed to him that stood the test of time. Dear 100-hour Board of Directors, a friend has just posted a photo that quotes James Baldwin as follows: “We can contradict and love each other again, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and my denial of my humanity and my right to exist.” This immediately caused my Spidey-Senses to peck, partly because his record seems to be Baldwin in the 21st century and, secondly, because I do not believe that James Baldwin, the late writer he was, would ever have written the crime against the parallelism that resides “in my oppression and denial of my humanity and my right to existence.” (Grammatical correct, yes, but stylistically disappointing.) A quick Google search found many other people who cited Baldwin, but not Baldwin`s original source. So here are my questions: Did Baldwin say that? (If he did and you can get me an updated quote, I`ll fund your next board party.) If he didn`t, should I comment on my friend`s contribution? I agree with the feeling of quote, but I am crusading against false and misleading information in all its forms.

But I also don`t want to be a jolt.- Care to share phantom attributions that particularly irritate you?-Mark Twain This quote from James Baldwin describes Trump`s attacks well: “Whatever you describe to another person, it`s also a revelation of who you are and who you think you are.