Horses in Serenity

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Horses in Serenity

In this serene picture of Dawn, how does it make you feel?

Look in her eye, can you feel or see the presence of soul?

The peace and elegant sense of self Dawn exudes invites us to think about the beauty in that quiet place, where the sacred space of possibility awaits.  What will it bring, how will it feel?

In the business of modern life, where our ‘to do lists’ are huge, commitments to our time are constantly competing.  How do you ever get time to sit quietly and relax or even notice that a beautiful butterfly has fluttered past?  Horses give themselves the time they need, always.  Whether it is munching grass or hanging out under a tree resting in the heat of the day.  What is important to them always gets done.

Imagine if you gave yourself some special time to gaze at the butterflies, smell the grass and feel the sun on your back?  Do you think you would look and feel like Dawn in this picture?  Maybe you could relax and kick back straight away or maybe you may need some practice in taking time for yourself.  Dawn’s advice is clear – keep practicing until it feels great!

I remember how uncomfortable I used to feel taking time out for myself.  I love reading books and I used this as a way to practice having ‘me’ time.  Still I felt anxious thinking about how much time I was wasting, when I ‘should’ be doing something constructive.  One day I decided to go and read in the paddock with my horses.  I took a chair, my book and a nice cup of tea and off I went.  I sat reading a while, again anxious and a bit distracted by how ridiculous this must look, however I sat with it and just allowed those uncomfortable feelings to be.
While this was going on with me, my horses had decided to join me.  All four of them formed a semi circle around the sides and back of me and curiously sniffed my book and cup of tea.  When they were satisfied they had checked everything out, they happily stayed put.  I began reading again, delighting in this wonderful moment.   Better yet I had started to relax and enjoy what I was doing.  I became engrossed in my book and enjoyed a fabulous sense of peace, contentment and serenity wash over me.
Some time later I realised the importance of why the horses visited with me.  They had come to help me relax and chill out by showing me how its done, and then staying with me to make sure I didn’t do a runner!   It was a beautiful lesson for me and one I have integrated into my life with rich personal rewards to my health and happiness.  Plus the special bonus of deepening the connection with my horses 🙂
The experience I received from my horses that day and how it made me feel is perfectly summed up in this picture of Dawn, you can see more pictures about the therapy with my horses on