Horses Behaving Badly

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Are you at a loss as to know what has happened between your horse and yourself?

Think about these scenarios and if they could be possibilities. These are some of the most common reasons:

Maybe the unwelcome behavior is a result of you falling off your horse and now you have lost a bit of confidence in your riding.

Maybe the behavior is the result of something you have done unknowingly to create fear or mistrust in your horse.

Or maybe the way you ‘are’ with your horse is freaking him out.  Are you having problems or highly stressed.  Are you communicating to your horse in a way that he doesn’t like or understand.

Once the cracks appear in your relationship and they did not get addressed when they were only cracks, the cracks may soon become major crevices that you have to deal with.  I understand how frightening, confronting and often times dangerous it can be to experience these big ‘crevices’ this with your horse.

What I help clients understand and learn to see with their horses is how to recognise the slightest crack and then teach them what to actively do to mend it.

TIP FOR YOU:  Start to pay attention to the little things that happen when you are with your horse. Observe your horse more thoroughly when he is with you. Think about how you handled things.  It could be when you lead him, feed him, horse tack him up, traveling in a float.  Often times its the little things that happen where the cracks first appear and then escalate into bigger things when you do bigger things with your horse, like an intensive riding or ground work session, float loading etc.

Look forward to your comments!  All the best, Louise

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