Free as a horse

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Free as a horse

Freedom….a wish we all have for ourselves in our lives.

It is what attracts a lot of people to be with horses.  The horse’s spirit exudes freedom, lightness and choice in their day to day routine of living.

As a human, the desire to capture this spirit is as seductive as it seems elusive.  A romantic notion I visualised for years; horses running free, gave me a feeling I wanted to have permanently in my life.  Once captured, interestingly, the experience was always fleeting at best.  The seduction for me and a lot of other people was the continual search for the next moments of thrill, maybe the feeling will stay a bit longer next time.

With hair flying in the wind,  hoof beats pounding out a gallop rhythm into the ground, breathing large breaths while a huge smile across your face confirms the feeling of being free.  Yes it is intoxicating, seductive and thrilling to be riding a beast with such power.  Nothing matters except the ‘wow’ of moving with the horse, faster and faster.

Could you feel or picture yourself riding into the sunset on a galloping horse as described above?  Yes it is a wonderful experience in reality and I can totally vouch for how freeing it does feel galloping on your favorite horse.  What if you could feel it anywhere and anytime without being on a horse or leaping off a cliff into the air thermals with your parachute, or what ever takes your fancy!!

Bravo is not moving in this picture, does he look and feel free?  He does to me.  He is not constrained by anything attached to his body or where he is or who he is with.  Yet when this picture was taken he was simply wandering around munching grass at his leisure.

I remember feeling so free watching him enjoy himself.  I have thought a lot about why I was reminded of freedom that day.  Since that beautiful day in the sun where we were just hanging out having pictures taken, it struck me that Bravo ate when he wanted, moved where he wanted (yes it was within the confines of the large field however I know with certainty he didn’t feel contained in any way) accepting and relaxed to be enjoying his time in the sun.  While these were his choices this day to be munching quietly near me and others he felt very content and satisfied with what was on offer and even with such simple choices of where to go next in the field or what patch of grass to eat, the choice was a happy one.

As humans we seem to relate freedom to that of a galloping horse or seeing a running wild animal as representative of freedom.  I have had many people people share in my workshops the amazing and powerful feeling they have felt while only thinking or visualising this idea of freedom.  Yes it may be that, however I feel it can be so much more.

We can incorporate it into our daily lives if we can change our perspective a little.  To me being free involves having choice.  Simple things like choosing what work to do, what hobbies to have, who to have as friends and partners etc.  The key once we have chosen these things is to enjoy them while doing them.   Just like Bravo choosing what patch of grass to eat next.   Being grateful for who and what you have in your life brings contentment and joy of the good and not so good things we do or have to do in our daily lives.  🙂

The freedom of choice is everywhere for us to access any time, everyday. The catch is once you choose, do it!  Don’t let the fear of making a mistake hold you back from acting.  Then the choice becomes a prison. Is that where you want to be?  Remember the saying…”Feel the fear and do it anyway”?  Even if mistakes do happen and I certainly have made more than my fair share… putting myself out there, has led me through my mistakes to the perfect choice next time.

Freedom is an attitude that is reflected in our ‘whole’ being through our mindset.  It purely comes down to – deciding to choose.  Not letting yourself be dragged in all sorts of directions, like a boat adrift on the ocean. Be the master of yourself and be free.

Look at the picture of Bravo again, can you see it now?  Can you feel it in him?