Equine Assisted Personal Development

If you are struggling to make sense of your life whether professionally or personally, and feel at a cross roads, or at loss to know how to fix things, or maybe you have tried varies techniques or methods and nothing lasts?

I can solve this…

I do this by providing a safe, non judgemental space for you to delve deep, view your blind spots with the gentle guidance of a horse. The horse will then give you direct, instant feedback of what you can do to turn things around and in doing so create a lasting shift. Very powerful indeed!



Personal Development is about transforming your perceived sense of self – seeing self not from the mind, rather from the heart.


This is your truth.


If you are at a crossroads, wanting clarity and direction for yourself and your life.  Everything you have been trying works for a while and then frustratingly the same old patterns of your life and your thoughts have crept back in.


The wisdom of the horse will give you the opportunity to safely and gently explore where you are now and create solid lasting change.  This is the power of EXPERIENTIAL learning.  It engages the heart, mind, body and soul as one unit.  By interacting with a horse you will receive a moment by moment reflection of your self and then have the opportunity to experiment in creating the change you want.


The sessions are INTUITIVELY guided by Louise and her team of horses and through a session you will be guided through a series of interactive ground based games receiving valuable feedback from the wisdom of the horses.


Because the sessions are intuitive no session is the same and therefore unique in its delivery – especially tailored for you.


Horse Sense for People offer private sessions tailored to your specific needs whether they be for you as an individual or as a corporate group.


Some specific areas of interest are:


Authentic Leadership – Learning how to inspire, motivate yourself and others with respect, love and dignity.  By LEADING ourselves effectively, others follow naturally and without struggle.  Through the assistance of the Horse Sense for People team of horses explore your inner self and how it relates to your external wants, desires and ambitions.

The experiential exercises are geared to utilise self knowledge and self responsibility to ENHANCE communication and relationship skills, ENCOURAGE self confidence and self esteem and DEVELOP trust and respect for self and others.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence –

Our new, practical, hands on, and fun program will give you and/or your people IMMEDIATE and practical results and leave you smiling for days after the experience.

It combines head with heart: Learning is acquired by self-revelation through direct and practical experience. Moments of insight are profound, transforming and life changing.

You will receive feedback and coaching in the moment to enable you to really “get” what you are putting out in your communication, and help you to experience the shift when you become congruent with your purpose.

Blending group learning and theory with actual experiential feedback, you won’t find anything quite as enlightening – we promise.