Equine Assisted Coaching

Horse Sense for People offers specialist sessions in: Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Education, Equine Assisted Personal Development


Rather than learning about emotional intelligence, self-awareness and intuition as a set of abstract concepts, Horse Sense for People offers opportunities to develop our leadership through direct experience in relationship to our horses.  It is through interaction with these powerful, but sensitive and intuitive creatures that we come to learn about our strengths, limitations, beliefs, habits and illusions through immediate, direct and unambiguous feedback.

Because horses are prey animals their survival is predicated on their ability to accurately sense the intention and focus of other animals.  They are very intuitive creatures, with sensitive antenna and able to perceive subtle shifts and hidden signals.  People are often fooled by outward appearances and words, however, horses respond to our intention, our focus (or lack of it) and our ability to connect with them.  Through carrying out various goal and process based exercises, we learn how we actually present ourselves, rather than how we think we present ourselves, as well as the quality of connection that we offer.

Although our programs do involve theory and opportunities to discuss insights gained, the focus is not on golden rules that can be read and quickly forgotten.  Learning is acquired by self-revelation through direct and practical experience.  Moments of insight are profound, transforming and life changing.  In an ongoing dynamic process, we learn to achieve our goals, not through last century’s leadership tactics of command, control and coercion, but through developing clear intention and focus, while learning to maintain a connection with our horse throughout.  When these things come together, we experience a state of flow where our goals are achieved effortlessly, harmoniously and with great joy and authenticity.

The above material was written by Martin Robson who experienced first hand the Self Leadership with Horses course and since co-facilitated a special Intuitive Leadership workshop

Martin Robson BSoc. Sci. (Hons)

PhD. Candidate

School of Business, Economics and Public Policy

Faculty of the Professions

The University of New England, Armidale, NSW 2350