Endowed Chair Gift Agreement

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The appointment of individuals already appointed to Illinois State University must follow the procedures and criteria established by the donation agreement. Teachers can plan either an extension or a single term. Faculties that retire while serving a chair entitled to the foundation may be named “(name of chair) Professor of Emeritus.” Foundation chairs and professors exist thanks to the generosity of donors who support the work of the chair through this policy. Normally, a special donation agreement sets out the specific goals and conditions for the appointment of the chair or chair. Gift agreements are subject to prost verification and approval by the President in all cases, including extensions. A “given chair” is a designated position, based on a donation agreement that funds a significant portion of the inmate`s nine-month long-term salary, including salary increases at the level of other university faculty members. The university can provide additional funding for summer scholarships, scientific assistants and other operating costs. The amount of the gift agreement varies according to the discipline of the proposed chair, but must be agreed by the priest. Normally, a foundation seat is occupied only by a full-time professor.

All faculties that have a chair led by the foundation submit to the DFSC/SFSC and the head/director of the department/school an annual report on their activities, with copies available to the dean of that college and the priest. Reports are made available to the donor where possible. In the third semester prior to the end of the term of office of a foundation chair (or a foundation professor providing for recognition), the unit may submit a renewal review plan to the Propst. All of these plans include a review and notice from the unit`s DFSC/SFSC. If the plan is approved, the unit review is submitted to the Dean and the Prophet, who makes independent recommendations to the President to extend or not renew. The president makes the final decision on recognition. After the end of the term, resignation, resignation/retirement or non-foundation mandate, the arrest of the faculty member returns to a temporary position in the department/school of the place of establishment. The unit is responsible for the faculty member`s salary from the date of termination and the donated funds that supported the foundation`s authorized seat return to a foundation account until a new holder is appointed.