Equine Assisted Corporate Training

Corporate Training with a Difference!

Getting back to SIMPLE basics in an over complicated corporate world.  Horse Sense for People is excited to offer programs in:

  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication and Innovation
  • Performance and Conflict management
  • Build willing teams in inspiring cultures

The horse provides the basic framework for the training which is then tailored to your specific needs and outcomes.


Examples of current courses:

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence training:

“I am very excited to be working exclusively with the KONA group to bring you this unique training”  Louise

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Louise Bravo Cliff in workshop


Here is a quick excerpt from their website:

The KONA Group is excited to be able to bring you a ground breaking new programme using horses to help us to understand how our emotional energy is translating into our work effectiveness.

Our new, practical, hands on, and fun program will give you and/or your people IMMEDIATE and practical results and leave you smiling for days after the experience.

It combines head with heart: Learning is acquired by self-revelation through direct and practical experience. Moments of insight are profound, transforming and life changing.

You will receive feedback and coaching in the moment to enable you to really “get” what you are putting out in your communication, and help you to experience the shift when you become congruent with your purpose.

Blending group learning and theory with actual experiential feedback, you won’t find anything quite as enlightening – we promise.

Contact Andrea and Louise today to discuss our latest and most innovative EI and communication program. Call 1300 611 288 or email info@kona.com.au

Authentic Leadership Development:

Our programs and horses are dedicated to assisting You or your Organisation achieve tangible, positive RESULTS both personally and professionally.

In Business as in Life your THOUGHTS create your ACTIONS which create your RESULTS.

Whether you like the result or not!

The Horse Sense for People programs are designed to not only ‘talk your talk’.  Also ‘walk your talk’.

By experiencing first hand, in the moment how a new thought, followed by a new action can create a different outcome. Actually understand how mind, body, spirit work in unison to create results.  This incredible, dynamic way of experiencing the process in the moment will give you, your organisation and those you lead a deeper understanding of how success is not a random event.

This is about taking ACTION not just THEORY and TALK. Integrating what you learn with the horses into you as a whole – mind, body and spirit!

In our programs you will discover your natural leadership style through new awareness of:

  • How to inspire and motivate others using your powers of intuition, and assertiveness
  • How to focus yourself – Through clarity of thought and intention acheive what is important to you and your business
  • Understanding the power of non-verbal communication; how to be proactive in dealing with challenges before they happen
  • How to use your fears to your utmost advantage and remove emotion from the situation.

If your company has a specific topic or goal. Please contact our office as we would be delighted to arrange a special training course to cater for your needs!    Email:  info@horsesenseforpeople.com  Telephone:  041 208 5236

Accommodation, air fares and transfers to and from the airport or our facility during your stay in Byron Bay can be arranged upon request.