Change vs Transformation

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Louise-ism for June

Here is a recent linked-in article that I wrote:

Experiential reconditioning is a different and very powerful way professional and personal learning and growing can be achieved.

Experiential reconditioning isn’t about change.  Change is simply an attempt to alter behaviour.  It is about transformation.  Fundamentally altering our way of being in the world.

Change is easier, because it usually happens incrementally (if it is to last) and we always have the option to change back.  Transformation on the other hand is scary.   With transformation there is no going back, only forward with greater and greater success.  It is impactful, thus stays with us forever.

Transformation gives us the opportunity to create the results we want in our life in a whole new way.  It may not be that much has really changed in our external world, however, what has changed is the way we perceive it and operate in it.

This is the kind of discovery that can open our eyes fully to see what is more than possible in our business and personal life.

How does transformation happen?

It happens by clearing out old patterns of thought and behaviour, our blind spots – faulty distinctions, mental traps and unconscious behaviours that do not serve.

To do this honestly, requires a way that you can hold up a mirror to yourself. See yourself in action, moment by moment, in real time.

Equine Assisted Leadership and Emotional Intelligence programs utilise the horse as a ‘truth mirror’.  This unique and groundbreaking training offers participants the ability to experience the impact of their thoughts and actions through the immediate response from the horse.

We remember less than a third of the things we read and hear… but the things we experience, we never forget.