About Louise

Leading Specialist in:

Louise and Horse2

  • Equine Facilitated Corporate Leadership  and Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Personal Development

  • Rider Posture

  • Horse Whisperer

My horses and I are located in the beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay, in Northern New South Wales and offer Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning. Personal Development and Natural Horsemanship coaching from home or at various locations around Australia.

“Louise has over 30 years experience as a team leader, coach, workshop innovator, horse trainer and rider to her authentic leadership work with horses.  Louise travels Australia facilitating programs on emotional awareness and personal and professional development, training others in this field as well as teaching natural horsemanship.

The results from her programmes have achieved significant personal and professional breakthroughs.  Louise has been privileged to witness remarkable changes in participants confidence, leadership abilities, communication style and awareness of self, their team and others.  The achievements of attendees at a recent Corporate Leadership training reported being amazed at how well received their new style of leadership, communication and self confidence is having with their colleagues.  Everything is easier, calmer, clearer and the results have been outstanding and even after a few projects the results are improving all the time as everyone is willing to keep improving.  As one participant said ( and many other participants voice similarly)  ” When I am having trouble with something or someone, I only have to think of my time with Bravo and what he taught me about ‘showing up’ and my communication skills for things to change for the better.

Obtaining her private pilots licence at the age of 21 and looking for ways to keep involved with aeroplanes, Louise first went to work in the airline industry. Using her technical skills from flying an aeroplane, Louise worked as an aircraft load planner for many years on 747’s and DC10 aircraft.

From those very exciting and fulfilling years, Louise travelled to Europe and worked in other areas of airport operations from front-line customer service and baggage services, before returning to Australia in the early nineties where she took on two new airline projects.

Starting up operations for two new trans-tasman airlines in Australia, Louise set up and created effective systems for airport operations with both airlines Australia wide. Her role included setting up the offices, hiring and training of staff and creating all the working systems to ensure smooth day to day operations.

From aeroplanes and back to her other love horses, Louise has found a special way to combine her corporate experience with horse whispering, coaching clients willing to embrace change and become successful leaders in life”.

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If you would like further information please contact me:

Email:  info@horsesenseforpeople.com

Telephone:  0412 085 236