Why horses behave badly

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Why horses behave badly

These are some of the many outward signs of an INSECURE horse that lacks CONFIDENCE in what he is doing and why he needs to do it.  Did you know that the surroundings, the people (including you!), the task, can all create an atmosphere of insecurity, confusion and fear in horses.


How to deal with it:

  • Avoid creating chaos, fear and panic in your horse.
  • Reflect on whether your horse is confused by what you are asking.  If you think he is confused.  Take action to become CLEAR!
  • Slow everything down for your horse.  Ask your horse to do what you want slower, get your horse to walk or stop, so he has the opportunity to think and process what is happening in his time NOT yours.
  • Slow yourself down.  Often our instincts kick in and we do the opposite.  By getting more energetic, frantic, or even angry and aggressive at the horse’s behavior,  this will MAKE YOUR HORSE WORSE.
  • Understand in your horse’s eyes what he is experiencing is very REAL and not stupid or dumb.
  • Stay calm and relaxed and confident so you can be an example for your horse to follow.

Building your horses confidence requires slow, patient work and lots of time for the horse to process and think about what is happening.  When you offer this to your horse you will be amazed at how quickly things will turn around for you both.

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