What Is Osa Agreement

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If the content submitted by the User is expressly subject to the terms of a separate agreement between OSA and the User Author, including, but not limited to, an agreement to transfer copyright, license or publication, then, in the event of disagreement between these Terms of Use and the terms of the separate agreement on a subject covered by this separate agreement, priority and control. OSA can use your information to provide you with information about new products, services or upcoming events. More and more OSA information is provided by email, so you can`t receive notifications on these topics when you opt out. If you don`t want to receive emails from OSA, you can use the “Disconnection” link provided below in each email. OSA disclaims any responsibility for any information published by other parties on the site. Because Internet authentication is difficult, OSA does not guarantee that every user of this site is the one they claim. We are not involved in user-to-user transactions, meetings, etc. and we assume no responsibility for their results. Also note that there are risks, including, but not limited, the risk of personal injury, relationships with strangers, foreigners, minors or persons who act under false pretenses. You take care of all the risks associated with dealing with other users you connect with via the website. This page shows the terms and conditions under which users can use this site (the “website”).

Please read this page carefully. If you don`t agree with the information, don`t use this site. By using this site, you can explain yourself by the conditions below. The Optical Society of America, Inc. d/b/a “The Optical Society” and the OSA Foundation (OSA) reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, which is reflected on this page. Users should often check this page for changes that may have occurred. The terms “you” and “user” used here relate, for one reason or another, to all persons and/or entities that access the site. The term “we,” as it is used here, refers to OSA, including our agents and collaborators. It is forbidden to take measures that result in a disproportionate or disproportionate burden on OSA infrastructure or website infrastructure.

Notwithstanding the contrary provisions contained in this provision, users are prohibited from using a machine, software, tool, agent or any other device or any other device (including, but not limited to browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or smart agents), or to try to use them to navigate or browse the site, to browse or browse third-party browsers on the website or web browsers generally available. Each user agrees to reimburse OSA for any losses, damages and/or expenses (including reasonable legal and legal fees) that may be caused to us by a violation of these terms and conditions by the User. Thank you for your vote! We are very pleased with your support. OSA cannot, but is not obligated to monitor, monitor all content that you have transmitted, posted or posted on the site, transmitted or posted by users, to investigate reported or manifest violations of the OSA policy and to take any action that OSA deems appropriate at its discretion. These terms of use are governed by New York State laws, without reference to the principles of the law of conflict. Responsibility for all claims related to these Terms of Use rests exclusively with the National and Federal Courts of the District of Columbia. It is forbidden to use devices, software or routines to disrupt the proper functioning of the site or any activity carried out on this site, or to try to disrupt. IN NO EVENT SHALL OSA FÀR JEDEN DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, ABER ZU, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTIAL, AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS, OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM LOST DATA OR BUSINESS) RESULTING FROM THE USE OF, THE