Vertaal In Agreement

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Mr. de Groot is exempt from the non-competition clause of Article 9.1, the non-requirement clause of Article 9.2 and the prohibition of ancillary activities of Article 9.3 of the employment contract. The non-inclusion clause of Article 9.4 and the confidentiality clause of Article 9.5 of the employment contract remain in force. 1. The parties refrain from making statements to third parties about the content of this agreement and the circumstances that led to the agreement, with the exception of information that must be provided on the basis of the law. Mr. de Groot is authorized to provide a copy of this agreement to the UWV (the Dutch Social Security Authority) if he applies for social security. – The contracting parties sign this settlement agreement, as mentioned in Article 7:900 and in the Dutch Civil Code, in order to avoid any uncertainty or dispute after consultation and careful consideration. Mr. De Groot received support from De Graauw Legal; Finito therefore wanted to terminate the employment contract.

At first, Mr. de Groot opposed the resignation, but he sees no other possible solution; Finito herein informs Mr. de Groot of the legal cooling-off period giving him the right to terminate his transaction contract within fourteen days of the date of the conclusion of the agreement, without the need to explain why. It can do so by sending a written statement to the employer. Mr. de Groot therefore has the right to revoke his decision to accept this agreement within that time. The translation of a contract or contract into English, for example, should be executed very precisely. It is therefore important to call a specialist. Legal documents such as contracts and employment contracts are gradually being translated by us to ensure the legal content of the document. Of course, we make sure that the text is linguistically correct.

Our highly qualified translators are native speakers and have several years of experience in contract translation. In addition, we are one of the few translation offices in the Netherlands to work with an experienced team of in-house translators. This makes thinking about translation issues much more efficient and faster. The Perfect Translation Bureau has two certificates which are the main certificates of the Dutch translation sector. The ISO-9001 and ISO 17100 certificates require that each translation be carefully verified by an experienced expert and that we work exclusively with highly qualified translators. It is precisely in the context of the translation of the treaty that this method is important, because a small error in translation can already lead to misinterpretations. Do you have a contract to translate? JK Translate is the right translator as a translation office to translate contracts of different kinds. An important point in advance: all translations from our legal translation office are covered by the secrecy you can request from us.

Not only our translators, but all our employees are bound by professional secrecy. For many clients, this is an immediate problem, as contracts and (employment) agreements are in principle always confidential and should be treated as such. . Common words: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Plus. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, more. Results: 637. Exactly: 637. Time elapsed: 230 ms. Een overeenkomst von contract vertalen naar bijvoorbeeld het Engels dient zeer nauwkeurig te worden uitgevoerd. Het is daarom van belang om een vakspecialist in te schakelen. Juridische documenten zoals contracten en arbeidsovereenkomsten worden door ons inhoudelijk één-op-één vertaald om de juridische inhoud van het document te waarborgen.