The Cave of Transformation

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The Cave of Transformation

In this picture of Chevy, I feel such strong emotions!

Feelings of anger, frustration, fear and rage come to mind in an instant. At the same time Chevy calls to me, challenging those feelings to be expressed constructively and safely.

As humans, the thought of retreat may mean failure, suppression and loss. I suppose it is this way if you were taught through life experience that you ‘have’ to stand up for yourself even resorting to using domination, conquest and winning at all costs tactics to survive and get ahead in the world. My life experiences sadly taught me this with the added horror of when I retreated (I often felt a failure, weak and fearful because a lot of the time I couldn’t act in this ‘bold’ manner) I had no where safe to go or someone to safely feel my fear, anger etc,. with.

In the beauty of a rock pool nestled against a thick stand of trees and vegetation Chevy paws at the water deep in thought. Could he be testing the water with his thoughts and feelings? Or could he be celebrating just being in this cave like atmosphere, enjoying the tranquility?

I wonder……

Finding my safe place to feel emotions and heal the feelings that accompany my fears, frustrations or anger has been transforming. My cave of retreat gives me sanctuary from the outside world and alone time to process – feel my feet pawing the water. In this picture of Chevy I take great comfort in knowing I can be brave in being alone to process my thoughts and feelings. I feel encouraged by this picture that what I may have thought was absolutely terrible may not be that bad after all.

In Chevy’s quiet contemplation I feel the possibility that if I did this too in my cave, instead of panicking because I was alone, or because of the intensity of the feelings. I could step out of my cave smiling, centered and relaxed. Once again calm and confident to be out in the world.

The Cave of Transformation