Membership Plan

The Horse Sense Club

Become a foundation member in this exclusive community.  Where like minded people are passionate about their horses and committed to learning how to communicate effectively in “Horse talk”.

Who Want to create a speicial lasting connection and bond with their horse.

Where mutual understanding, love and respect are present.

Please join us and become a member of our herd!

When you join the Horse Sense Club you will receive tools and resources so you can:

  • Understand how to communicate so horses will listen
  • Explore and increase awareness of yourself and how you horse sees you
  • Learn how to build a solid foundation from ground work to transform your relationship with your horse
  • How to apply your ground work into the saddle
  • Learn how to express and channel your energy effectively – horses love energy!

Your Horse Sense Club Membership Includes

  • A monthly Members Only Tele-class where we talk about a specific topic
  • Monthly Video Ground work and riding assignment for you to study and practice about a specific topic e.g. Liberty Training, The Ground Games
  • Theory notes and strategies to increase your knowledge and understanding
  • Receive a 10% Discount on any items you purchase in the shop or courses

If you are ready to listen to the call of the horse, join us NOW and lets get horsing!


For only $24.95 per month

OR sign up for 12 months for $239.40 and save $60!