Horsemanship From The Heart

Specialist coaching to create a Safe, Happy and Confident Horse and Rider.  Using Heart Centered Horsemanship and Classical Riding Principles.

 Beachside Fun Dawn & Louise

Learning about your horse and the nature of horses through my Horsemanship program will give you a better understanding of HOW you need to be with your horse and HOW to create a successful partnership through a DEEP connection and bond.

To have a deep connection with your horse is not about learning new horsemanship techniques and increasing your skill in using your tools.

It comes from learning how to step inside your horses skin,  see the world from his perspective and understand how he thinks, feels and learns.

Once you are able to see the world through your horses eyes, how you approach your communication and training together hinges on your ability to base EVERYTHING you do with your horse from your heart.

Your heart needs to be open, compassionate, courageous and grounded.  Your energy is centered and channeled with clarity and purpose that is fueled by love and leadership.

It is a beautiful thing to witness this between horse and human.  This is the magic that horses can give us.

The Basic Session Structure:

Coaching sessions cater for beginner to advanced horses and riders. Sessions are offered on a private or small group basis.

Offering a way safely progress to higher levels of skill and confidence with your horse both on the ground and in the saddle.

The basic session structure:

Horsemanship skills, Ground work and Ridden work form the basis of each session.

The sessions focus on:

  •    Building a mutual understanding and partnership for horse and rider
  •    Developing communication at a whisper
  •    Collaboration between horse and rider – where mutual love, trust and authentic leadership can blossom
  •   Riding – catering for beginner through to Medium level.  Specialising in rider posture using classical riding principles together with Alexander Technique.  Thus developing harmony and lightness in horse and rider