Are you ready to Gallop into 2014?

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2014 The Year of the Horse

2014 The Year of the Horse

Another chance — that’s what we all want and what we all need. And that’s what we’ll all get from 2014, the Lunar New Year of the Green Wood Horse. This year will gallop us toward challenges that improve our strength, so pick the right time and go for it. Just be warned — your dreams might actually come true! Read on for some tips to keep in mind while holding the reins of your spirited Horse in 2014! 

1. Trust your intuition but plan carefully. 
Think about things you’ve been lulling for years. We’re talking about dreams here! For once, just imagine they can happen. Lay them out — and then believe them!

2. Get ready for some spiritual growth. 
The Horse is an animal of many contradictions. Exuberant, flamboyant — but also easily distracted and discouraged. When gloomy thoughts dawn on you, just face them. Get in touch with your inner self and listen. Small adjustments to your personal life aren’t that difficult.

3. Keep a clear mind on money matters.
The world’s still recovering — and probably you, too. Don’t fuss over what could’ve been. Focus on what will be. Take time in setting straight any legal affairs still hanging on you. This year is still a transition, but better times lie ahead for everyone.

4. Appreciate love. 
Love’s always there. You may not realize it or be aware of it, but it’s there. How about opening your eyes and seeing the reality of love? It can be a new partner, yes. Someone you’ve just met — even virtually. But it can also be the person you’re living with. The one you’re married to. Just give it a chance. Now is the time.

5. Be patient.
Once on a ride, you don’t want to stop. And this isn’t a merry-go-round — you’re actually going somewhere, and the fun is all in getting there! Savor each day. Smell the flowers — even the ones you think you don’t like. Experience is everything. Wisdom awaits you at the finish line of 2014!

If you’re looking to read on something cute to get you into t spirit of horsing, a friend of mine recommended I look up Einstein Horse to see what the world’s smallest horse looks like and I was amazed by this tiny horse! He’s no bigger than a soccer ball as you can see in the video on the Banixx Pet Care website where he kicks a soccer ball around the yard. Who doesn’t like tiny horses?

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